There are sworn translators working at our office.

Sworn translator has the power to do the legal translation of documents and other related operations like notary.

Sworn translator’s translation approved by his own signature and seal of office means that the interpreter is fully responsible for the content and accuracy of the translation and ensures its credibility.

Jelizaveta Tammerik

estonian – russian sworn translator

tel +372 5621 6730
Skype: elizaveta.tammerik

Ene Rästa

finnish sworn translator

tel +372 509 1225

Raimo Kont

russian sworn translator

tel +372 5560 2889

Tiia Eisen

english sworn translator

tel +372 507 2780; +372 626 0439

Andrea Bochese

italian sworn translator and
estonian – spanish sworn translator

tel +372 699 6339; +372 5656 3724
Skype: feanor1


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