A notarial activity is divided into two areas – office operations (traditional notarial certification and verification) and professional services (counseling, conciliation, arbitration, etc.)

Most common office operations, which involve all notaries:

  • contracts for premises or tenement acquisition, disposal or tieing with property law
  • commercial pledge agreements
  • society membership transfer and pledge agreements
  • foundation-, accession-and distribution agreements of business associations
  • contracts of dispossession and pledge for section of limited liability company
  • prenuptial agreements
  • wills
  • commissions
  • settling probate cases
  • apostilling public documents

Office operations notary fees are established by law of notary fees.

Notarial services provided by notary under notary and customer specific agreement:

  • legal counseling beyond authentication
  • taxation and foreign law consultancy beyond or under authentication
  • conciliation according to conciliation law
  • acting as an arbitrator in accordance with the code of civil procedure
  • conducting auctions, votings, drawings and sortitions and proving the outcome in accordance with law of proving
  • adjuration and proving testimony given under oath in accordance with law of proving
  • transmitting statements and messages outside the office operations and issuing a certificate of such a transfer or the impossibility of it in accordance with law of proving

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