Our notaries

A notary is a public office holder and an independent official to whom the state has delegated the security of legal relations and prevention of legal disputes

We have five notaries in office:

Tiit Sepp – notary appointed by 01.11.1993
Gunnar Savisaar – notary appointed 18.11.1998
Merle Saar-Johanson – notary appointed 27.12.1999
Tarvo Puri – notary appointed by 09.23.2003
Rainis Int – notary appointed by 20.11.2014

Rävala pst 3At firm also works as a substitute notary Riina Toss, Kristian Rohtmets, Mait Maiste and Irene Rannamets.



Tiit Sepp, Gunnar Savisaar, Merle Saar-Johanson, Tarvo Puri, Rainis Int